Disaster News

Friday, April 4th. 2019

"Today we went to Buzi town. Buzi town is a small village along the River in Buzi province. Buzi was completely cut off by the flooding. Stephen Cahill of WFP told is that they were critical of fuel there for basic city services. At 0830 we met Sergio Monteiro WFP who is running distribution operations at the port. He was able to get us and twenty 20 liter containers of fuel onto a small fishing boat along with two 200 liter drums of fuel that WFP owned that we escorted to Buzi. The boat ride took 2 1/2 hours across the harbor and up the river. There were several boats bringing relief all with local military and police on board 


Buzi was a little hectic at the dock. Buzi town is small. I was able to locate Adamo Abdula Ossumane (Secretario Permanente of Buzi) He secured the fuel and was so thankful.  There was no available fuel anywhere in Buzi. 400 liters of diesel is of great use for basic city services. Ambulance police and heavy equipment.

Esmabama also received 1000 liters of diesel while we were out. Esmabama is clearly doing a lot through out the affected area. So many people know them and their work. It’s hard to quantify but we’ve impacted thousands through them."

Friday, March 29th. 2019

"Today we went to the 900 cluster meeting at the airport. We registered with Julian Marcheix with the logistics cluster & explained our capabilities. We bid a sad farewell to Felipe. Our new teammate is a local Mozambican named Ercilio Nunes. We then went to a small hospital called Centro de Saude Urbano de Mascarenhas, run by a Dr Batista. An NGO delivered them a generator last Saturday with a full tank but never said if they were coming back to refuel it. We gave them 111 liters of diesel in cans to keep it going. Normally this neighborhood is on the grid but power is still out there. We plan to block off a period of time at the gas station in Dondo to fill NGOs vehicles. 


There are now 5 confirmed cases of cholera. 

We were next called back to the airport by the logistics coordinator & were put in touch with Hugo du Plessis from WFP who is running airport operations. He stated that they were almost out of diesel to run the equipment necessary to off load all the air traffic with supplies. They had a 1000 L tank that was empty and they were unable to refill it. They were on the verge of ceasing operations (the whole airport). We filled their tank and equipment 1038 Liters. We then went to our station in Dondo and met up with Rubin and his crew of firefighters returning from food distribution. We gave 43 Liters to them to fuel the vehicle they are using today they gave out food to 2,000 people in Dondo and çeramica.  


Tomorrow (today) we plan to give 400 Liters of diesel to World Kitchen an NGO who prepare free meals. Then moving to our new accommodations in Dondo. 

The worst hit region is Buzi but it is not accessible by road. We will know more tomorrow about fueling boats also we may be flying by helicopter to isolated areas with fuel."